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    OnePlus X phone launched in India 29 October 2015

    OnePlus, the Chinese mobile company has launched its new smartphone called OnePlus X in India, just a while. The price of OnePlus X is decided to be Rs 16999. The OnePlus X versions will have both 5-inch full HD OLED screens...

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    auction launch, auction launch, oneplus 3 smartphones up for auction before launch, Oneplus 7

    OnePlus 3 Smartphones up for Auction before Launch 09 June 2016

    Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus on Thursday announced that the company would auction the first five units of its flagship device OnePlus 3 in India on online marketplace Droom.This first-of-its-kind smartphone auction would give people a chance to bid and win...

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    OnePlus 3T, OnePlus 3T, oneplus launches oneplus 3t at rs 29 999, Oneplus 7

    OnePlus Launches OnePlus 3T at Rs. 29,999 02 December 2016

    OnePlus launched the OnePlus 3T smartphone in India at a price of Rs 29,999. The smartphone will be available for sale from December 14 via Amazon India. OnePlus 3T was unveiled on November 15. Let's look at it features: -...

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    OnePlus 6 news, OnePlus 6, oneplus 6 turns the most selling premium smartphone in india, Oneplus 7

    OnePlus 6 Turns The Most Selling Premium Smartphone In India 31 July 2018

    OnePlus 6 Turns The Most Selling Premium Smartphone In India:- OnePlus 6 created a sensation across the globe and it turned out to be the most selling premium smartphone in the country during the second quarter of the year. OnePlus...

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    OnePlus 7 price, OnePlus 7 leaked, oneplus 7 specs leaked, Oneplus 7

    OnePlus 7 Specs Leaked 15 April 2019

    OnePlus 7 Specs Leaked:- OnePlus is a sensation across the mobile industry. The recent mobiles OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T are huge hits all over and the sales created a sensation in USA surpassing the sales of Apple. Everyone is...

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    selling, OnePlus, oneplus announces its official website, Oneplus 7

    OnePlus Announces Its Official Website 13 October 2016

    OnePlus on Thursday announced its exclusive e-commerce platform for the Indian market. The new official website - oneplusstore.in. The webite will be selling OnePlus accessories via the store, however, while the OnePlus 3 smartphone is listed on the store, users...

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