• US Kansas killing, Adam Purinton updates, adam purinton awarded three consecutive life sentences for shooting srinivas kuchibhotla, Kansas

    Adam Purinton Awarded Three Consecutive Life Sentences For Shooting Srinivas Kuchibhotla 08 August 2018

    Adam Purinton Awarded Three Consecutive Life Sentences For Shooting Srinivas Kuchibhotla:- Adam Purinton, a US navy veteran who killed Indian engineer Srinivas Kuchibhotla in Kansas last year has been sentenced three consecutive life sentences on federal hate crime charges. Two...

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    Kansas police, Sharath Koppu, indian american sharath koppu s killer shot dead in kansas, Kansas

    Indian-American Sharath Koppu's Killer Shot Dead In Kansas 16 July 2018

    Indian-American Sharath Koppu's Killer Shot Dead In Kansas:- A gunslinger, who was being investigated in the killing of an Indian-American Sharath Koppu of Warangal, was shot dead in a shootout with the Kansas City Police on Sunday. The gunman had shot...

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    Sharath Koppu last rites, Sharath Koppu dead, kansas shoot sharath koppu s mortal remains reaches hyderabad, Kansas

    Kansas Shoot: Sharath Koppu's Mortal Remains Reaches Hyderabad 12 July 2018

    Kansas Shoot: Sharath Koppu's Mortal Remains Reaches Hyderabad:- Telangana techie Sharath Koppu who has been residing in USA has been shot dead in a restaurant in Kansas last Friday. His mortal remains have been brought to Hyderabad during the late...

    Keywords: Sharath Koppu last rites, Sharath Koppu last rites, Sharath Koppu dead, Sharath Koppu latest

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    US Courts of Appeal, US Courts of Appeal, after nina judge srinivasan takes centerstage in us, Kansas

    After Nina, judge Srinivasan takes centerstage in US 28 September 2013

    It was only days ago that an Indian American won the prestigious Miss America pageant, surpassing tight competition. Nina Davuluri is now making way for another Indian American to take the spotlight on the US stage. Judge Srinivasan was sworn...

    Keywords: second most powerful US court, Kansas City Art Institute, US Courts of Appeal, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh

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    Donald Trump latest, Donald Trump news, donald trump condemns kansas shooting attack, Kansas

    Donald Trump Condemns Kansas Shooting Attack 01 March 2017

    US President Donald Trump happened to address about the Kansas shootout because of which an Indian techie Srinivas Kuchibotla lost his life who hails from Hyderabad. The President during his first address to the US Congress condemned the attack calling...

    Keywords: Donald Trump, Donald Trump attacks, Donald Trump attacks, Donald Trump speech

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    , Kansas, google pays tribute to amelia mary earhart with a google doodle on her 115th birthday, Kansas

    Google pays tribute to Amelia Mary Earhart with a Google Doodle on her 115th birthday 24 July 2012

    Google, the search engine giant, has dedicated a doodle to Amelia Mary Earhart today on the occasion of her 115th birthday. Amelia was an American author and an Aviation enthusiast. Amelia was the first aviatrix to fly across the Atlantic...

    Keywords: Kansas, Iowa, , Kansas

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    Racial Killing, Adam Purinton, trial in kuchibotla murder yet to begin hearing postponed again, Kansas

    Trial In Kuchibotla Murder Yet To Begin; Hearing Postponed Again 17 May 2017

    The trial in the murder of Hyderabad Engineer Srinivas Kuchibhotla in Olathe, Kansas, US, is yet to start, though the incident took place on February 22. On May 15, the alleged killer, Adam Purinton, was produced in the court for the...

    Keywords: Racial Killing, Kansas Shooting, Srinivas Kuchibotla, Kansas Shooting

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    Doomsday shelter, indoor farm, doomsday shelter saves lives in style, Kansas

    Doomsday Shelter saves lives in style 11 April 2012

    Doomsday is much talked about irrespective of caste, creed, race, religion and even countries. While fear grips many of those who still worry, some even took the form of films to show as to how the world would be subjected...

    Keywords: Doomsday shelter, Doomsday shelter, Kansas prairie, condos

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    Billy Ray Harris, Kansas City, homeless man returns diamond ring, Kansas

    Homeless man returns DIAMOND RING! 25 February 2013

    Billy Ray Harris, a homeless man in the US has returned an expensive diamond engagement ring to its rightful owner, after she accidentally dropped it in his donation cup. Well-wishers from around the world are opening their wallets to Billy...

    Keywords: Sarah Darling, homeless man returns diamond ring, Sarah Darling, Billy Ray Harris

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    Hate Crime, Adam Purinton, accused man in kansas shooting charged with hate crime, Kansas

    Accused Man In Kansas Shooting Charged With Hate Crime 10 June 2017

    Accused Man In Kansas Shooting Charged With Hate Crime:- The accused in the Kansas shooting, Adam Purinton (51), has been indicted on federal hate crime and firearms charges. Adam Purinton on February 22 at a suburban Kansas City bar, killed Indian...

    Keywords: Alok Madasani, Adam Purinton, Srinivas Kuchibotla, Srinivas Kuchibotla

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    Adam Puriton updates, Kansas firing, kansas shooting accused appears before court, Kansas

    Kansas Shooting: Accused Appears Before Court 10 March 2017

    Indian techie Srinivas Kuchibhotla aged 32 has been brutally shot by an American named Adam Puriton who is 51 years old. While Srinivas along with his friends has been having drinks in a Kansas bar, Adam Puriton started firing while...

    Keywords: Adam Puriton news, Kansas bar mystery, Adam Puriton, Kansas bar mystery

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