• pilgrims, floods, ap pilgrims got stuck in uttharakhand floods, Got

    AP Pilgrims got stuck in Uttharakhand floods 27 June 2015

    According to the reports, around 140 pilgrims belonging to the Anantapur district of the Andhra Pradesh state and also a few from Karnataka state, are experiencing the critical situation in Uttarakhand floods and are  also starving for the food.Floods have...

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    Revanth Reddy, Revanth Reddy, tdp mla got ready for acb interrogation, Got

    TDP MLA got ready for ACB interrogation 06 July 2015

    TDP MLA Sandra Venkata Veeraiah will appear before ACB regarding the cash for vote scam interrogation.It is known that ACB is interrogating the TDP officials on cash for vote scam and officials like Vem Narendar Reddy had already faced the...

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    KTR Trolled On Twitter, KTR Tweets, ktr trolled for tweeting hyd got 500 percent more rain, Got

    KTR Trolled For Tweeting Hyd Got 500 Percent More Rain 17 October 2017

    KTR Trolled For Tweeting Hyd Got 500 Percent More Rain:- Minister for Information Technology and Municipal Administration K T Rama Rao got trolled on twitter after he said that Hyderabad had 500 percent more rainfall. Mr Rao’s tweet read, “Just...

    Keywords: KTR, Hyderabad Rains, KTR, Heavy Rainfall

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    Mukesh Ambani updates, Mukesh Ambani hike, mukesh ambani hasn t got any hike from the past 11 years, Got

    Mukesh Ambani Hasn't Got Any Hike From The Past 11 Years 20 July 2019

    Mukesh Ambani Hasn't Got Any Hike From The Past 11 Years:- India's richest businessman Mukesh Ambani hasn't got any salary hike from the past eleven years which is a surprise. His salary is capped at Rs 15 crores per year...

    Keywords: Mukesh Ambani salary, Mukesh Ambani salary, Mukesh Ambani latest, Mukesh Ambani earnings

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    men driving skills are improved with intimacy, Navigation skills of men got better with more intimacy, more intimacy can increase better navigation skills in men, Got

    More intimacy can increase better navigation skills in men 25 May 2015

    Men evolved better navigation ability than women, according to a recent study. The study was published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior.The researchers proved this by testing and interviewing dozens of members of the Twe and Tjimba tribes in...

    Keywords: men driving skills are improved with intimacy, Navigation skills of men got better with more intimacy, Navigation skills of men got better with more intimacy, men driving skills are improved with intimacy

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    India, Travels, gangotri origin of holy river ganges, Got

    Gangotri origin of Holy River Ganges 03 September 2015

    Gangotri is a small town and a Nagar Panchayat at Uttarakashi district in the state of Uttarakhand, India. Gangotri is around 105 KM from Uttarakashi. Gangotri is accessible by road from Uttarakashi. It is a Hindu pilgrim town on the...

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    AIADMK merger, Madras High Court, merger negotiations of aiadmk factions seem to be non starter, Got

    Merger Negotiations Of AIADMK Factions Seem To Be Non-Starter 02 May 2017

    The negotiations for the merger of the two factions, led by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, E Palaniswamy and AIADMK faction O Palaniswamy Government seem to be non-starter. Meanwhile, the Tamil Nadu CM Edappadi K. Palanisami hardened his position and accused...

    Keywords: OPS, Madras High Court, AIADMK merger, Tamil Nadu CM

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    Delhi government, Delhi High Court, aap chief and delhi cm aravind kejriwal got a big blow with today s sc order, Got

    AAP chief and Delhi CM Aravind Kejriwal got a big blow with today’s SC order 29 May 2015

    In a major blow to the AAP chief Aravind Kejriwal, the Supreme Court has issued notice to the Delhi government and also stayed the observation of Delhi HC on Anti Corruption Branch's jurisdiction over Delhi Police. The apex court has...

    Keywords: Kejriwal, AAP, Delhi government, Supreme Court

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    Baahubali records, Baahubali records, baahubali got a weapon to hunt pk, Got

    Baahubali got a weapon to hunt ‘PK’ 15 September 2015

    Baahubali, the one film that took the Telugu film industry status to the next level. Now the trade analysts are expecting that, the movie might cross even Aamir Khan’s PK records and occupy the number 1 position. Baahubali success in...

    Keywords: Baahubali records, Baahubali PK, Baahubali Bollywood, Baahubali records

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    Mahesh Babu new movie, Mahesh Babu new movie, mahesh babu got irritated by his fans, Got

    Mahesh Babu got irritated by his fans! 22 December 2015

    Mahesh Babu, who always maintains a low profile in the public and is called as the down to earth person by most of his co-artists, finally had to burst out his irritation on the fans. It is known that, Mahesh...

    Keywords: Tollywood news, Tollywood news, Tollywood news, Mahesh Babu new movie

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    Funny Jokes, Silly Jokes, change in guys after porn got banned, Got

    Change in guys after porn got banned 03 August 2015

    News: Porn sites banned in IndiaNow, moms observe their sons, not locking the personal rooms.   By Phani

    Keywords: Silly Jokes, Funny Jokes, Funny Jokes, Silly Jokes

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    Telangana news, Telangana news, warangal bypolls trs bjp congress candidates got ready, Got

    Warangal bypolls: TRS, BJP, Congress candidates got ready 03 November 2015

    All the opted candidates from the big parties, are awaiting the upcoming Warangal bypolls and already started conducting the political campaigns. As known Pasunuri Dayakar is opted as the candidate to contest in Warangal by polls from TRS. Along with...

    Keywords: bjp candidate in Warangal bypolls, Telangana news, warangal byelections, bjp candidate in Warangal bypolls

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    Jokes, Jokes, netaji got famous when in controversy, Got

    Netaji got famous when in controversy 18 September 2015

    News: #Netajifiles into publicNetaji inner voice: No one cared about me, when I am in books. Everyone is knowing about me, when Iam in controversy. By Phani Ch

    Keywords: Silly Jokes, Jokes, Jokes, Jokes

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    Hansika, Hansika, actress trisha and hansika s personal information hacked, Got

    Actress Trisha And Hansika’s Personal Information Hacked 22 November 2016

    According to the reports, to reach into the private lives of the actress, few hackers have hacked the personal gadgets of the actresses Hansika and Trisha and deleted all the data. Both the actresses informed the same to their fans...

    Keywords: Trisha, Hansika, Trisha and Hansika's gadgets got hacked, Trisha and Hansika's gadgets got hacked

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    India Today Cover, Baba Ramdev, baba ramdev s rearview on india today s latest cover is breaking the internet babasgotback, Got

    Baba Ramdev's Rearview On India Today's Latest Cover Is Breaking The Internet, ‪#‎BabasGotBack‬ 16 July 2016

    The latest cover photo of the magazine India Today featuring Baba Ramdev has left social media in intermittent to uncontrollable fits of laughter. India Today decided to put yoga guru Baba Ramdev on their cover, which would have just been...

    Keywords: India Today Cover, India Today Cover, Baba Ramdev, India Today Cover

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    Lalu Prasad Yadav¸ Rabri Devi, Lalu Prasad Yadav news, a day after lalu sentenced in fodder scam his sister passes away, Got

    A Day After Lalu Sentenced In Fodder Scam, His Sister Passes Away 08 January 2018

    A Day After Lalu Sentenced In Fodder Scam, His Sister Passes Away:- RJD Chief Lalu Prasad Yadav has been sentenced three and half years of imprisonment in the fodder scam which did not surprise anyone. However Lalu Prasad Yadav requeted...

    Keywords: Lalu Prasad Yadav latest, Lalu Prasad Yadav latest, Lalu Prasad Yadav latest, Lalu Prasad Yadav latest

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    men threatened by female bosses, female bosses threaten, female bosses threaten men more study, Got

    Female bosses threaten men more - study 13 July 2015

    According to the recent survey, Men tend to be more assertive when working for a woman, because they feel threatened by having a female boss.This is not an exception to the case, where the people, who even support gender equality....

    Keywords: male employees threatened by female boss, male employees threatened by female boss, female bosses threaten, men threatened by female bosses

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    Chandra Babu news, Andhra Pradesh, no more negotiations with bjp says chandra babu, Got

    No More Negotiations With BJP Says Chandra Babu 03 April 2018

    No More Negotiations With BJP Says Chandra Babu:- AP Chief Minister N Chandra Babu Naidu is on fire against BJP and its alliance NDA. With the state ignored badly in granting special status category, TDP walked out of NDA alliance...

    Keywords: Chandra Babu speech, Chandra Babu new capital, Chandra Babu, Andhra Pradesh

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    congress, congress, congress initiates backchannel negotiations to win back rebel mlas, Got

    Congress Initiates Backchannel Negotiations to Win Back Rebel MLAs 13 July 2019

    Congress Initiates Backchannel Negotiations to Win Back Rebel MLAs:- As the politically complicated situation continued in Karnataka, Senior Congress leaders Saturday began backchannel negotiations to persuade the disgruntled MLAs, who have resigned from the Assembly, dealing a blow to the...

    Keywords: Rebel MLAs, congress, Rebel MLAs, Kumaraswamy

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    viral videos, cab ride, cab ride reminded what he forgot, Got

    Cab ride reminded what he forgot 20 January 2016

    This video is about that something, most of us forgot, getting busy with our lives. An employee who is in his hurry, gets into a taxi and the way he treats the driver, while he is in the car is...

    Keywords: cab ride, cab ride, inspirational videos, inspirational videos

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