• Leptoceratopsidae, Cleveland Museum of Natural History in Ohio, two new horned dinos in canada, Dinosaurs

    Two new horned Dinos in Canada 14 March 2012

    Scientists revealed that fossils in the northern America suggested that two new Dinosaurs species with horns did habitat in these places Scientists at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History in Ohio have discovered two new herbivorous Dinosaurs. The scientists noted...

    Keywords: Gryphoceratops morrisoni., Cleveland Museum of Natural History in Ohio, Research on Dinosaurs, Dinoasaurs in Canada

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    dinosaur bones turning jewellery, weird news, turning dinosaurs into jewellery, Dinosaurs

    Turning dinosaurs into jewellery 30 March 2016

    Yes, as most of the readers guessed, the remains of dinosaurs (bones and meteorites), are now being used to make jewellery and several other fashion accessories.William Henry, a Portland-based design company, is proving that, these rare finds can add a...

    Keywords: dinosaur bones turning jewellery, dinosaur jewellery, dinosaur jewellery, dinosaur bones turning jewellery

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    Science news, Tech news updated, google maps help find predator that existed before dinosaurs, Dinosaurs

    Google maps help find predator that existed before dinosaurs 19 January 2012

    A fanged reptile that lived about 265 million years ago - before the age of the dinosaurs - has been dug up in southern Brazil by scientists. The skull of the predator was dug up from a farm in the...

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    Weird facts, Weird facts, dinosaurs not extinct here is the proof, Dinosaurs

    Dinosaurs not extinct, here is the proof! 05 June 2015

    A decade ago in Canada, A new species of dinosaur was discovered, which was nicknamed 'Hellboy' because of its unique horns. A guy named Peter Hews, came across some bones sticking out of a cliff along the side of a...

    Keywords: Dinosaur, Weird facts, Dinosaur, Extinct

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    weird news, Japan Dinosaurs, straw dinosaurs in japanese fields, Dinosaurs

    Straw Dinosaurs in Japanese fields 10 September 2015

    The left over straws from the rice harvest can be turned into amazing sculptures, if you have a bit of creativity in you. Niigata Prefecture, Japan is one such place, where you can see straw sculptures over wooden frames. For...

    Keywords: Japan Dinosaurs, Japan Dinosaurs, Japan Dinosaurs, Japan Dinosaurs

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    Jokes, Funny Jokes, dinosaurs or human beings who are sadists, Dinosaurs

    Dinosaurs or human beings, who are sadists? 30 March 2016

    News: Jewellery made with dinosaurs remainsDinosaur’s inner soul: Then I killed human beings and you named me as sadist. Now you killed me and using my parts as jewellery on your body. Now my question is who are the hardcore...

    Keywords: Animal Jokes, Jokes, Animal Jokes, Jokes

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    researcher michael d'emic, herbivores., long necked plant feeding dinosaurs regrew teeth every 1 to 2 months, Dinosaurs

    Long-necked plant feeding dinosaurs regrew teeth every 1 to 2 months 18 July 2013

    A United States study on Wednesday explained that the long-necked plant feeding dinosaurs that wandered the Earth 150 million years ago undergone evolution a substantial way of fixing broken teeth which are known to be new ones to grow. Scientists...

    Keywords: herbivores., united states study, diplodocus, diplodocus

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    Prank, Chris Pratt, dinosaurs prank on jurrasic world badass chris pratt, Dinosaurs

    Dinosaurs prank on Jurrasic world badass, Chris Pratt 18 June 2015

    Hollywood hunk Chris Pratt was a total badass in the new ‘Jurrasic world’ movie and had to face a number of dinosaurs. When he dared to face a big number in reel, can’t he do it in real, with at...

    Keywords: Prank, Jurrasic world, Dinosaurs, Prank

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