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    Bearing a dull skin? 13 December 2012

    What more painful it could be rather than bearing that dullness in your face??? You might have tried n number of tips to get rid of your dull skin and transform your skin with a natural glow... but, have you...

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    NRI related news, NRI related news, nri exhibition reveals about why sikhs wear turban beard, Bear

    NRI exhibition reveals about why Sikhs wear turban, beard 02 May 2016

    Because of the distinct identity of Sikhs- beard and turban, they are till date, in the US, are more likely to face profiling, bigotry and backlash, than the average American. To erase this situation and spread better awareness about Sikhism, a...

    Keywords: Sikhs turban beard NRI, Sikhs NRI exhibition, Sikhs turban beard NRI, NRI related news

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    bear, viral videos, man finds massive bear under his deck, Bear

    Man finds massive bear under his deck 25 September 2015

    A man named Vance Hopkins finds a bear under his deck, whom he thought in the beginning that it might be some other small animal. After knowing it was a bear, the way he managed to get it out, will...

    Keywords: man finds bear the deck, viral videos, man finds bear the deck, bear

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    cannes, top five film festivals, the grand celebration of arts five most prestigious film festivals, Bear

    The Grand Celebration of Arts: Five Most Prestigious Film Festivals 02 May 2013

    Movie making is probably the most difficult art as to make a movie simultaneously you need to have many traits of people associated with other forms of art .To be able to become a filmmaker you need to have the...

    Keywords: golden bear, sundance film festival, berlin film festival, five most prestigious film festivals

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    clean our face, Toner at home, toner at home, Bear

    Toner at home 12 February 2013

    Our skin bears a lot of dust every day. We do clean our face regularly with a face wash, but sometimes, if this basic cleaning becomes insufficient then we tone our skin. In this process we end up buying costly...

    Keywords: keera mix, Toner at home, keera mix, pudeena leaves

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    Vastunna Mee Kosam, Bear attacks tribals, wednesday morning wishesh, Bear

    Wednesday Morning Wishesh 28 November 2012

    ....Good morning..... Adab....Namaskar.... Hyderabad is chilling under the cold winter wave, yet everything is going as per schedule. Reaching the mid of the week, we have succesfully tried to cross half way through to reach our cozy weekend (chuckles). Ok...

    Keywords: Independence day, Karthika Pournami, , Tirumala information

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    Sardar first look, Pawan look in Sardar, no beard pawan s fresh look, Bear

    No beard: Pawan’s fresh look 01 August 2015

    Finally, Pawan is out of beard and posed for camera, neatly shaven. Here is the latest picture of Power Star from Sardar shooting location, which the fans are waiting for, since long.Director Bobby is celebrating his birthday today in Sardar...

    Keywords: Pawan Sardar images, Sardar director, Pawan Sardar images, Pawan Kalyan Sardar

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    AP under heat waves, AP under heat waves, ap under heat waves toll 20, Bear

    AP under heat waves toll 20 24 May 2013

    The State boiling with unbearable heat for the last three days touched 47.50 Celsius yesterday.  20 deaths due to sunstroke were reported yesterday mostly from Telangana and Coastal areas.  Children and old became prey for the heat waves.  The temperature...

    Keywords: Meteorological department warned, Timely taking of water and cool drinks, Meteorological department warned, proper care and safety measures

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    beard, funny videos, beard wins over girl for a man, Bear

    Beard wins over girl, for a man 29 October 2015

    There are many things, a guy compromises for his girl. But when it comes to his beard, the situation is different. He would even be ready to lose his girl, but not the beard. Beard is such an important thing...

    Keywords: funny videos, viral videos, viral videos, funny videos

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    Pawan kalyan, Pawan kalyan, power star s new look in gabbar singh 2, Bear

    Power Star’s new look in Gabbar Singh 2 16 June 2015

    There are many bets conducted on Pawan’s beard in the film industry. Clarifying all those, it was revealed that, he had to grow the beard for Gabbar Singh 2 movie itself.Regarding this, Pawan has participated in the beard part of the...

    Keywords: Pawan kalyan, Gabbar Singh 2, Gabbar Singh 2, Pawan beard

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    Sardar, Pawan Kalyan, deadline pawan beard secret reveals now, Bear

    Deadline: Pawan beard secret reveals now 25 July 2015

    Bobby, Gabbar Singh 2 alias Sardar director clarified that, the second schedule of the film will begin on July 29th. Due to a few unknown issues, Gabbar Singh 2 is reportedly renamed as Sardar. The film’s first schedule is also...

    Keywords: Sardar, Pawan beard, Pawan Kalyan, Pawan beard

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    how to have fuller beard, how to have fuller beard, ways to grow a thicker beard, Bear

    Ways to grow a thicker beard 08 May 2015

    Thick, full facial hair is a symbol of power, ruggedness and masculinity in some cultures. Even many celebrities are surprising with this style of beard. Many people are trying to follow this type of hair style. But hair growth is...

    Keywords: fuller beard tips, how to grow your beard hair, men’s beard, men’s beard

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    no bus fare hike, RTC salary hike, no bus fare hike t govt bears the expenditure, Bear

    No bus fare hike, T govt. Bears the expenditure 07 August 2015

    The Telangana RTC withdrew hike on bus fares, as the TRS government assured TSRTC to burden the loss.It is known that the RTC employees' salaries are hiked in the Telugu states recently. After several days of continuous strike by the RTC...

    Keywords: RTC salary hike, bus fare hike in Telangana, bus fare hike in Telangana, bus fare hike

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    World Health Organization, Allergy, allergies more unbearable, Bear

    Allergies more unbearable 23 March 2015

    The season of cherry blossoms, baseball and birdsong, not to mention itchy eyes, red noses and sore throats, are all results of pollution. A study presented at the annual meeting of the American Chemical Society, found that two common pollutants...

    Keywords: Ulrich Poschl, Pollution, American Chemical Society, Ulrich Poschl

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    Prabhas horse riding, Magadheera, before bahubali prabhas was horsing around, Bear

    Before Bahubali, Prabhas was horsing around 30 September 2013

    Prabhas is on a strict Bahubali schedule these days. He recently had to get engaged too, much before his real life engagement could happen. However, the fit actor's strict days began many days earlier. A picture of him doing the...

    Keywords: Charan horse riding, Prabhas, Prabhas, Prabhas horse riding

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    Gabbar Singh 2, Gabbar Singh 2, clarity on pawan s beard, Bear

    Clarity on Pawan's beard! 25 May 2015

    From the past few days, there were many stories that are posted by the media basing Pawan's beard. Few of the film critics opined that, Pawan might be performing some 'Deeksha'. But finally, according to the sources, the reason behind...

    Keywords: Pawan beard, Gabbar Singh 2, Gabbar Singh 2, Pawan beard

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    this is where the problem is... we women many times end up in the process of thinking on how our life and things should be but fail to implement the same. Reason being??? Fear… fear from the society, What??? Still in the process of thinking? Now, change from within, Bear

    Change from within 07 February 2013

    What??? Still in the process of thinking? Now, this is where the problem is... we women many times end up in the process of thinking on how our life and things should be but fail to implement the same. Reason...

    Keywords: giving our lives to them and later repenting on being cheated? In many situations not even considering our basic security, don’t just think on what I said, being cheated by their boyfriend in the name of love and what not? If you start finding on the mistake, don’t just think on what I said

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    Bahubali sets, Director Rajamouli, prabhas gets too hot to handle, Bear

    Prabhas gets too hot to handle 18 September 2013

    Prabhas is giving goosebumps to anyone who sees him. Those on the sets of Bahubali are finding it hard to cool the actor down after his intense scenes, as all the fighting has made him too hot to handle. When...

    Keywords: Prabhas Bahubali beard, Satya 2 audio, Bahubali sets, Prabhas Bahubali fighting scenes

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    Mobile Phones, Bank of America, sick of americans hold their mobiles like teddy bears during sleep, Bear

    Sick % of Americans hold their mobiles like Teddy Bears during Sleep 30 June 2015

    Now the whole world is moving towards mobile. From hairpin to aero plane, all companies are designing their products keeping the mobile thing in mind. Needless to say, the users going mad about it.On Monday, Bank of America released a...

    Keywords: Bank of America, Mobile Phones, Mobile Phones, America

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    dogs, bears are mistaken as dogs, adopted bears mistaking them to be puppies, Bear

    Adopted bears, mistaking them to be puppies 14 July 2015

    A Chinese man named Wang Kaiyu was shocked, when he had come to know the two pets that he felt to be puppies since two years, are actually the bears.    Also read: Watch: Big Python in a girl’s hair!Reportedly,...

    Keywords: viral videos, not bears, dogs, viral videos

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