• Vamana Purana information, Puranaalu, vamana purana only purana to detail avatars, Article 19

    Vamana Purana- Only Purana to detail avatars 05 May 2016

    Vamana Purana is the only Purana, that gives a detailed and comprehensive account of the avatars, along with a number of other topics, including Puranas characteristics. Order of Vamana Purana Vamana Purana, according to Vishnu Purana, stands in the 14th rank...

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    women online shopping, women online shopping, here s why millennial women crave authenticity, Article 19

    Here’s why millennial women crave authenticity 07 May 2016

    85 percent of the consumer purchases and female income worldwide totals to over $18 trillion. Women aged between 18 and 35, represent a significant piece of that spending power. Several companies however, struggle to gain attention and buy-in from this...

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    travel tips, travel tips, 5 tips while traveling with babies, Article 19

    5 Tips while traveling with babies 30 May 2016

    If baby is yours, you may not mind if he/she disturbs your travel. But why that should be a curse to your co-travelers. So to get rid of it and many more issues that occur while traveling with babies, here...

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    Janasena Formation Day updates, Janasena Formation Day, janasena formation day pawan s speech highlights part 2, Article 19

    Janasena Formation Day: Pawan's Speech Highlights Part 2 14 March 2019

    Janasena Formation Day: Pawan's speech Highlights:- Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan spoke at the Formation Day meeting in Rajahmundry. Here are the highlights of his speech:If you give equal importance for all the castes, all the regions will be developed equally....

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    love and romance tips, love and romance tips, things girls should know about guys before marriage, Article 19

    Things girls should know about guys, before marriage 03 February 2016

    Every married couple, would think that, they would have known a few things about their partner before marriage. If  at all you are unhappy with him, after marriage, though you repent, there would be no use. But if you are...

    Keywords: before marriage, before marriage, love and romance tips, Relationship articles

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    Kareena Kapoor, Fashion news, all those that glitter and dazzle, Article 19

    All Those That Glitter And Dazzle 26 November 2018

    All Those That Glitter And Dazzle:- Fashion turned out to be a basic essential for everyone in this busy day to day life. Right from open markets to shopping malls, everyone have been spending their own part to look pretty....

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    travel articles, travel articles, jag mandir palace place to get your eyes arrested, Article 19

    Jag Mandir Palace- Place to get your eyes arrested 07 October 2015

    Jag Mandir Palace. The place where the mood goes out of our control and keeps on wandering in the dreamland. The beauty of it, arrests our eyes and draws our attention towards knowing the history. So why delay? Let us...

    Keywords: Jag Mandir palace history, travel articles, travel articles, Jag Mandir palace

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    Chiranjeevi journey, Chiranjeevi latest updates, commonman to megastar chiranjeevi s unbeatable journey, Article 19

    Commonman to Megastar: Chiranjeevi’s Unbeatable Journey 28 December 2016

    Megastar Chiranjeevi will sure have a special place in the hearts of the audience not only in Tollywood but across the globe. The name describes years of hard work, dedication, simplicity, respect and value. It was Megastar who introduced a...

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    HIV virus, World AIDS day, world aids day says you are not alone, Article 19

    World AIDS day says you are not alone 01 December 2015

    AIDS, the disease which has no complete cure, till date is threatening the world, since decades.  A few treat the AIDS affected people as the enemies and eliminate from the world, but a few others extend their support to them....

    Keywords: world aids day 2015, AIDS day articles, world aids day 2015, World AIDS day

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    Women draft, Women draft, panel pushes women to register for draft, Article 19

    Panel pushes women to register for draft 30 April 2016

    The House Armed Services Committee has decided to make the women register for the draft as a handful of Republicans joined Democrats recently, to back a measure whose own sponsor hoped would fail.“Right now the draft is sexist,” said Rep. Duncan D....

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    Janasena Formation Day Pawan Kalyan, Janasena Formation Day speech, janasena formation day pawan s speech highlights part 1, Article 19

    Janasena Formation Day: Pawan's Speech Highlights Part 1 14 March 2019

    Janasena Formation Day: Pawan's Speech Highlights:- Janasena completed five years today and on the eve of Formation Day, Pawan Kalyan and all the leaders of Janasena along with the activists and supporters celebrated the event in Rajamundry. A massive meet...

    Keywords: Janasena Formation Day highlights, Janasena Formation Day speech, Janasena Formation Day news, Janasena Formation Day highlights

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    autism in girls, women articles, researchers missing autism in girls, Article 19

    Researchers missing autism in girls! 29 March 2016

    Autism is mostly observed in the male population and that is the reason, the criteria for diagnosing the disorder is almost entirely developed from the study of boys.But a group of researchers recently launched a major study of autism in women...

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    Allu Aravind latest, Allu Aravind birthday article, wishing mega producer allu aravind a happy birthday, Article 19

    Wishing Mega Producer Allu Aravind A Happy Birthday 10 January 2019

    Wishing Mega Producer Allu Aravind A Happy Birthday:- Tollywood has several legendary producers but Mega filmmaker Allu Aravind holds a special place among them. He was introduced as the son of legendary actor Allu Ramalingaiah but was focused on all...

    Keywords: Allu Aravind, Allu Aravind, Allu Aravind news, Allu Aravind birthday

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    Women health, Women health, women responsible for being raped study, Article 19

    Women responsible for being raped: Study 16 April 2016

    Women should be blamed for the rapes, as they are believed to be caused due to their flirtatious acts, study says.Sexy or revealing clothing or drinking, are the key reasons for the men, to attempt rape, the study further says.One...

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    Supreme Court, Supreme Court, uttarakhand president s rule to continue supreme court, Article 19

    Uttarakhand - President’s rule to continue, Supreme court 27 April 2016

    The Supreme Court on today ruled that the stay on the Uttarakhand High Court order quashing President’t rule in the state will continue till further order, implying that there will be no floor test on April 29. The court will...

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    quarrels in relationship tips, arguments with women tips, what not to do while arguing with women, Article 19

    What not to do while arguing with women 07 May 2016

    Fighting with women is not a new thing to the men. In fact, no man would escape from having it with his woman. Here I am not going to be teacher and teach you not to fight, but can suggest...

    Keywords: arguments with women tips, quarrels in relationship tips, arguments with women tips, arguments with women tips

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    global warming effects, Global warming, what if global warming is neglected, Article 19

    What if ‘Global warming’ is neglected? 01 December 2015

    The scientists say that, “if mankind fails to curtail the global warming, we will have to deal with fallout ranging from massive refugee crises and submerged cities to scorching heatwaves and drought. Recently, 195 nations are huddled in Paris to...

    Keywords: science and technology articles, Global warming, Global warming, science and technology articles

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    YSRCP Dalit And Girijan Leaders, YSRCP Dalit And Girijan Leaders, dalit girijan ysrcp mlas slam fake reports of andhra jyothi, Article 19

    Dalit, Girijan YSRCP MLAs Slam Fake Reports Of Andhra Jyothi 06 July 2017

    Dalit, Girijan YSRCP MLAs Slam Fake Reports Of Andhra Jyothi:- The Dalit and Girijan MLAs of the YSR Congress Party said that they would file a suit against the Telugu Daily “Andhra Jyothi”. It is alleged that the Telugu daily...

    Keywords: YSRCP Dalit And Girijan Leaders, Kovind In Hyderabad, Andhra Jyothy Article, YSRCP Dalit And Girijan Leaders

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    Anny Divya pilot, Anny Divya news, telugu girl turns youngest woman commander in the world, Article 19

    Telugu Girl Turns Youngest Woman Commander In The World 26 July 2017

    Telugu Girl Turns Youngest Woman Commander In The World:- Anny Divya has been born for a Telugu parents. Divya’s father is an Ex-Army man who hails from Warangal while her mother belongs to Vijayawada. Infact, Divya spent her crucial formative...

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    Jay Shah Company, Jay Shah Company, amit shah s son to sue news portal over defamatory article, Article 19

    Amit Shah’s Son To Sue News Portal Over “Defamatory” Article 09 October 2017

    Amit Shah’s Son To Sue News Portal Over “Defamatory” Article:- A story published by a news portal, The Wire, alleged that a company run by BJP National President Amit Shah’s son Jay Shah, had allegedly posted a turnover which was...

    Keywords: Piyush Goyal, Jay Shah Company Turnover, Amit Shah, Piyush Goyal

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