• damage, bedroom fire, apple iphone explodes burning the whole bedroom, Apple

    Apple iPhone Explodes, Burning the Whole Bedroom 21 November 2016

    In a shocking incident, an iPhone got exploded while charging which set an entire room ablaze.A 15-year-old girl from Morfa Bychan, North Wales became the victim. Her iPhone reportedly caught fire while charging and the explosion’s damages spread to other...

    Keywords: bedroom fire, damage, overheating, technology

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    iPhone 8 model, iPhone 8 colours, apple iphone 8 to have a secret feature, Apple

    Apple iPhone 8 to have a Secret Feature 19 June 2017

    Apple iPhone 8 to have a Secret Feature:- Apple is all set to launch iPhone 8 in September this year and the whole world is eagerly waiting for the launch.  The next generation mobile phone is all set to thrill...

    Keywords: Apple, iPhone 8 colours, Apple, iPhone 8 colours

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    Apple Kheer Recipe, Apple Kheer Recipe, apple kheer recipe, Apple

    Apple Kheer Recipe 23 May 2017

    Apple Kheer Recipe:- Apple Kheer is a milk and delicious apple based dessert. It not only has the goodness of apple but also has the aromatic flavor of cardamom. This kheer would be relished by entire family as it emits...

    Keywords: Recipe of Kheer, Recipe of Apple Payasam, Recipe of Apple Payasam, Apple Kheer with Condensed Milk

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    iPhone 7, US, apple iphone 8 base model expected to cost between 850 to 900, Apple

    Apple iPhone 8 Base Model Expected To Cost Between $850 to $900 06 April 2017

    The rumored high-end iPhone 8 with an organic light-emitting diode (OLED) is expected to cost upwards of USD1000, but a base model of 64GB could start at USD 850-900 in the US. Financial services firm UBS Analyst, Steven Milunovich, said,...

    Keywords: iPhone 8, Technology, US, US

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    iPhone X new, iPhone X news, apple to discontinue iphone x in a year, Apple

    Apple to discontinue iPhone X in a year 22 January 2018

    Apple to discontinue iPhone X in a year: Top smartphone Apple which has been unveiling the latest smartphones turned out to be the best selling mobile across the globe. iPhone X which has been out recently has been spotted sporting...

    Keywords: iPhone X stop, iPhone X latest, iPhone X price, iPhone X new

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    iPhone 8, Fingerprint Scanner, iphone 8 photo information leaked rumored by idrop news, Apple

    iPhone 8 Photo Information Leaked, Rumored By iDrop News 31 March 2017

    A new piece of information has popped up online, by iDrop news, that shows a mock up photo, of Apple company’s iPhone 8. The new phone will not be called iPhone 8. Instead, it will be called, “iPhone Edition.” The...

    Keywords: Mobiles, Apple, Fingerprint Scanner, iPhone Edition

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    Appleby, Offshore Accounts, 714 indians corporates in biggest data leak paradise papers, Apple

    714 Indians, Corporates In Biggest Data Leak : Paradise Papers 06 November 2017

    714 Indians, Corporates In Biggest Data Leak : Paradise Papers:- As many as 714 Indians and corporates who have evaded taxes and hedged funds have been put on spotlight with a new set of 13.4 million records from a corporate...

    Keywords: Appleby, Paradise Papers, Appleby, Appleby

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    Drinking, IPad, making apple juice by ipad, Apple

    Making Apple Juice by IPad 26 May 2017

    Hey Dave ! Don't talk to me Why, What did I do? Last night you were so drunk you got my iPad and put it in the blender. Really????? Yeah, and you said you were making apple juice.

    Keywords: IPad, IPad, Funny Jokes, Jokes

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    tips, health, benefits of pineapple juice, Apple

    Benefits of Pineapple Juice 19 September 2016

    Pineapple is the king of tropical fruits. It’s no doubt a really tasty fruit but did you know that it is full of vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and C, manganese, copper, potassium, beta-carotene, folic acid and dietary fibers?...

    Keywords: Pineapple juice, Pineapple juice, tips, Pineapple juice

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    Apple, First Data Centre In China, apple to unveil its first data centre in china for better cyber security, Apple

    Apple To Unveil Its First Data Centre In China For Better Cyber-Security 13 July 2017

    Apple To Unveil Its First Data Centre In China For Better Cyber-Security:- Apple, in partnership with a local data management firm, is all set to unveil its first data centre in China. As per the sources, the data centre complies...

    Keywords: Apple, Apple, Cyber Security, Apple CEO Tim Cook

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    iPhone 8, Features of iphone X, apple launches iphone x iphone 8 8 plus, Apple

    Apple Launches iPhone X, iPhone 8, 8 Plus 13 September 2017

    Apple Launches iPhone X, iPhone 8, 8 Plus:- Alongside the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus models, Apple unveiled its 10th anniversary edition iPhone X at an event in company’s Steve Jobs Theater. The theater is located within the brand...

    Keywords: iphone 8 And 8 Plus, iphone 8 And 8 Plus, Features of iphone X, iphone 8 And 8 Plus

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    October, AMOLED Screen, apple iphone 8 launch pushed to october, Apple

    Apple iPhone 8 Launch Pushed To October? 18 July 2017

    Apple iPhone 8 Launch Pushed To October?:- For almost a year now, the rumours of Apple's anniversary edition iPhone 8 have been doing rounds. But, now it seems that people have to wait for some more time to get the...

    Keywords: OLED Screen, October, OLED Screen, October

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    Chromecast, TV, now watch facebook videos on tv, Apple

    Now Watch Facebook Videos on TV 14 October 2016

    Facebook has added Apple TV and Chromecast support in its network to help users stream video on big screen whenever they wish to.Facebook has introduced a small button right, a TV-like icon, which could be on the top right corner...

    Keywords: Apple TV, Chromecast, Apple TV, Chromecast

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    September 12, iPhone 8 Leaked Features, apple to launch iphone 8 on sep 12, Apple

    Apple To Launch iPhone 8 On Sep 12? 29 August 2017

    Apple To Launch iPhone 8 On Sep 12?:- As per media reports, Apple is expected to launch its next flagship device, iPhone 8. The launch date is fixed on September 12. According to a leading news channel, the company along...

    Keywords: iPhone 8 Leaked Features, Apple, iPhone 8 Leaked Features, September 12

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    Refurbished, Official selling, apple starts to sell refurbished iphone, Apple

    Apple Starts to Sell refurbished iPhone 09 November 2016

    Apple has started officially to sell all the refurbished iPhones discounted by up to 15 percent off compared to their original price on its online store.Apple is offering 16GB iPhone 6S variant for $449 (approx. Rs 30,000) and the 64GB...

    Keywords: 6S plus, 6S plus, technology, Refurbished

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    Apple iPhone next, Apple iPhone news, apple all set to launch three iphones this year, Apple

    Apple all set to launch three iPhones this year 30 January 2018

    Apple all set to launch three iPhones this year: Apple has been shattering the world's mobile phone market with the latest models. iPhone X has been a sensation and the tech giant is now working on the new models. KGI...

    Keywords: Apple iPhone 2018, Apple, Apple, Apple

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    Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, samsung galaxy note 8 launch expected in september, Apple

    Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Launch Expected In September 24 June 2017

    Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Launch Expected In September:- South Korean tech giant Samsung, in an apparent move to take on its biggest rival Apple, could launch its most expensive Galaxy phone, Note 8 - device in September, but not in...

    Keywords: Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Samsung, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Apple

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    Macbook, Apple Store news, chicago s apple store roof looks like a giant macbook, Apple

    Chicago’s Apple Store Roof looks like a Giant MacBook 24 June 2017

    Chicago’s Apple Store Roof looks like a Giant MacBook:- Apple, the tech-giant teamed with some top class architecture firms to construct Apple stores. Now a lavish and giant Apple store is being made in Chicago with the roof featuring the...

    Keywords: Apple, Apple Store latest, Apple Store news, Apple Store news

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    Google, Google, fingerprint sensor on your phone not as safe as you think says research, Apple

    Fingerprint Sensor On Your Phone Not As Safe As You Think, Says Research 11 April 2017

    Most of us rely on using our fingerprints to unlock our phones, with no password required and pay for shopping. But, smart phone fingerprint scanners may not be as secure as we think, says researchers. The makers of the smart...

    Keywords: Apple, Google, Newyork University, Google

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    Apple updates, Samsung news, samsung asked to pay 539 million usd for copying parts of iphone, Apple

    Samsung Asked To Pay 539 Million USD For Copying Parts Of IPhone 25 May 2018

    Samsung Asked To Pay 539 Million USD For Copying Parts Of IPhone:- A jury decided that Samsung must pay 539 million USD for Apple for illegally copying some of the features. The verdict has been out after the legal battle...

    Keywords: Samsung news, Apple updates, Samsung battle, Apple updates

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