'Women in Brahmanism' stirs up new controversy

Oct 17 ,2012 14:48 PM
'Women in Brahmanism' stirs up new controversy

'The Women in Brahmanism,' movie has stirred up a new controversy in the state with people hailing from Brahman community passing a resolution for stalling the screening of this movie. Based on a Telugu novel in 1937 by Chalam, this movie was produced. People who objected this movie alleged that women were being projected indecently in this film. In case the movie will not be stalled, the government might have to face the wrath of Brahmins, they added. The trailer pertaining to this film was released, which irked a large number of people.

Meanwhile, Brahmana Seva Sangham, an association staged a dharna in front of DGP office demanding stringent action against the producer of the film. The police, however, took the agitators into their custody.

(AW Phani)

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