Widow of faction leader Suri meets CM

Apr 28 ,2012 17:52 PM
Widow of faction leader Suri meets CM

The widow of faction leader Gangula Suryanarayana Reddy alias Maddalecheruvu Suri, Gangula Bhanumati has met the chief minister Kiran Kumar Reddy at his camp office today. Bhanumati wanted the government to take special interest in the probing the death case of her husband. She has suspected the role of TDP in the death of Suryanarayana Reddy. Bhanumati asked Kiran Kumar Reddy to take necessary steps for the rigorous punishment of Bhanu Kiran.

Bhanumati asking this question and government reportedly responding positively is giving raise to many questions and suspicions. While the matter is in the court and is prejudicial, how can Bhanumati ask the chief minister to take steps against an accused. 

Meanwhile, Bhanumati has requested the government to provide security to her since her life was in threat. She has also suspected the role of TDP behind the murder of Suryanarayana Reddy. Bhanu has also said that Bhanu used the name of Suri and indulged in irregularities. (Phani)

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