Bothsa leaves for Delhi

Apr 27 ,2012 18:48 PM
Bothsa leaves for Delhi

The PCC chief Bothsa Satyanarayana has left for Delhi on Friday afternoon to meet the party supremo Sonia Gandhi. He has took along with him the list containing the names of the candidates who are going to contest the by-polls to 17 assembly constituencies and one Lok Sabha constituency.

Bothsa Satyanarayana will land these candidates into the electoral battlefield only if the party high command nods at the candidates. Otherwise, it can be said that the names are yet to be finalized.

Notably, Bothsa Satyanarayana met the chief minister Kiran Kumar Reddy at his camp office in Hyderabad this morning. He presumably spoke to the chief minister about the candidates or they both must have selected the candidates after discussing among themselves.

Bothsa Satyanarayana is likely to announced the names of the candidates once he returns from Delhi. There‚Äôs no information as to when Bothsa would be returned.  According to the sources, the Congress high command is most likely to question Bothsa Satyanarayana about the recent war of words he had with Chandrababu Naidu in Vizianagaram that apparently damaged the Congress party ahead of by-polls. (Phani)

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