Cong effigy burnt in Hyd

Apr 25 ,2012 16:33 PM
Cong effigy burnt in Hyd

The Congress party’s decision of suspending eight Congress MPs from Lok Sabha on Tuesday apparently disturbed the peaceful atmosphere in Osmania University in Hyderabad.

The OU Joint Action Committee members have today burnt the effigy of the Congress party over the suspension of leaders hailing from their region. The students have also staged rastaroko on campus. It has to be mentioned here that the university campus road links two major areas of Hyderabad and staging road blockades cause trouble to the people who commute not just on their own vehicles but also by public transport as even buses ply in this route.

The students, after burning the effigy of the Congress party, have took on the party stating that Congress, which earlier promised over tabling bill on Telangana is now suspending MPs for raising voices in the house in support of the bill.

The student leaders have also said that the suspension of MPs was worst move by the Congress party. We have to wait and see as to how the Congress leaders are going to comment on this issue and reaction from the OU JAC. (Phani)

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