Halt devp programmes: electoral officer

Apr 24 ,2012 20:06 PM
Halt devp programmes: electoral officer

The chief electoral officer in the state, Banwarlal has asked the State Government to halt the prajapatham programme in the constituencies where by-polls are scheduled to take place. He has said that the developmental programmes can be postponed. Banwarlal has made it clear that only Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) would be used in the by-polls. Further, he said stringent action would be taken against those who violate the election code of conduct.

Talking on the programmes that are going on in full swing, Banwarlal said that they be stopped in the middle with immediate effect.  As many as 44 lakh voters would be casting their votes in the 18 assembly constituencies, he added. While women voters are 22 lakhs 41 thousand, men voters are 21 lakhs 60 thousand, he said.  The total number of polling booths would be 5,405. Although the voters were counted based on latest list that was printed in January, new voters would also be a given a chance to caste their votes in the by-polls, he added.

Banwarlal has also said that he would be submitting a report to the election commission over re-opening of schools on the voting day itself. (Phani)

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