Frog in student’s noon meals, 30 admitted ill

Mar 17 ,2012 12:45 PM
Frog in student’s noon meals, 30 admitted ill

Frog in your food unable to think of it in the Indian background is it not. This is what happened in Anantapur District this afternoon. In Pydeti village, a government primary school served the free noon meals to the students. Suddenly one of the students shrieked that there was a frog dead in the meals served to him. Many of them who had almost completed their meals felt nauseating on seeing the amphibian on the plate. The head of the institution immediately intervened and rushed the children to a nearby hospital for medical care. Nearly 30 students are in the hospital and getting medical care.

The careless incident by the cooks has to be condemned. It is a real disgrace that in spite of government trying to do so much for the children, the concerned are lacking dedication. A punishment that must be a lesson for the negligent must be issued to such erring officials.
(With inputs from internet- AarKay)

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