Father of missing girl commits suicide

Feb 10 ,2012 19:24 PM
Father of missing girl commits suicide

50 year old Putta Sarveswara Rao who belongs to Unguturu of West Godavari District Father hangs himself as his daughter Himabindu was not traceable who was missing for 3 months.  Himabindu was taking CA coaching from Sree Medha College.  When the college management failed to tell him about the fate of his daughter, he complained to Police who too failed in tracing her.  When Sarveswara Rao filed a case against the college management and the Police, court appointed a task force to trace the missing girl.  They too could not get any clue about her.

Family members say that Sarveswara Rao was subjected to agony beyond endurance due to the Police and College management’s combined effort to cover their fault by fabricating a letter purported to be written by Himabindu declaring that she was leaving on her own because of her father’s behavior.  They said that Sarveswara Rao’s mental agony made him commit suicide. (SJ)

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