Modi warning saved Jaya from Sasikala clutches

February 01, 2012 20:02
Modi warning saved Jaya from Sasikala clutches

A leading national magazine published a sensational news story surrounding the machinations of the inner ring of the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha and its attempts to stage a silent coup to dethrone her and grab power.

Revealing the series of incidents that led to the expulsion of Sasikala and her family members from the AIADMK and their ouster from the Poes Garden residence of the CM, the story said Jaya first came to know of the attempts of Sasikala and her family members against her through her well wisher and friend Mr Narendra Modi, Gujarat Chief Minister.

The story says that Sasikala and her family, which looked after Jaya’s food and personal requirements in the house, injected Jaya with slow poison over a period of time by mixing sedatives and chemical substances in her food through the help of her confidante nurse. The nurse serving Jaya was appointed by Sasikala long time ago.

Sasikala was eagerly waiting for an adverse comment by the Bangalore Court against Jaya in the disproportionate assets case.  In such an adverse development for Jaya, she may hand over power to someone she could trust to save her image, Sasikala thought thinking it could be none other than herself.

While Sasikala has been meticulously implementing her plan to find ways to spoil the health of Jaya and dethrone her at the most appropriate moment to capture power as CM, Jaya was fortunately asked by Modi to keep a watch on her inner mafia ring led by Sasikala when he met her during his visit to Chennai.

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Modi told her that a top Tamil NRI business man dropped his idea of launching a big project in Tamil Nadu and invested in Gujarat after Sasikala demanded a 15 per cent share in the project. Modi told her several such projects were diverted to Gujarat because of the attitude of Sasikala.

The story goes that Jaya was taken aback by this friendly warning. She was taken aback for the simple reason she loved and believed her close friend Sasikala all these years. However, Jaya, shrewd as she is and well educated, made her moves cleverly.

After her meeting with Modi, Jaya instructed the chief secretary Debendranath Sarangi to finalize the name of a Singapore company for awarding the contract of Chennai monorail project as she found it eligible. She told him to finish the paper work and send the file for her signature. When the file came, she was stunned to see the name of a Malaysian company.

When questioned, the CS told the CM he had prepared the file as per her instructions only and forwarded the correspondence to her. She was in for a big surprise. She found her signature was forged in one of the files that recommended the Malaysian company.

Jaya immediately sought an explanation from Sasikala. She however feigned ignorance of the signature. (JUBS)

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