Kajal Agarwal seeks Lord Balaji’s blessings

Jan 09 ,2012 16:42 PM
Kajal Agarwal seeks Lord Balaji’s blessings

Famed Tollywood heroine Kajal Agarwal and her sister Nisha Agarwal today had a darshan of the Lord Balaji on Tirumala along with their parents and other family members.

Upcoming heroine Sonia also had a darshan of the Lord today along with her family members. The Agarwal sisters and Sonia visited the Lord during the VIP Darshan slot early in the morning and then went to the Padmavathi Guest House.

Kajal told journalists that she had attended a programme in Nellore and came for the darshan of the Lord from Nellore.

Sonia, who made big with Prince Mahesh Babu’s hit movie ‘Dukudu’, told journalists her next movie would start soon. Sonia acted as heroine in some movies earlier and played second fiddle to the heroine in ‘Dukudu’. (JUBS)

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