Are you really happy?

February 22, 2012 11:26
Are you really happy?

Life can be full of demands, overwhelms, frustrations, obstacles, sadness, and of course happiness. What is it you really want out of your life? And just how do you get it?

Write It Down

The very first thing you need to do is write down your wants. You might be saying right now, "It doesn't matter what I want, I'm never going to get it!" Well to be honest with you with that type of attitude, you're right, you won't get what you want. You have to have a positive attitude towards what you want and know that you will get it. A positive attitude is the key element in getting what you want.

The next key element, is you have to take it one small step at a time. When I first thought about writing a book, I thought to my self, that's just too big of a project, it will take me a life time. Then I heard someone say, "If you want to accomplish something in your life, take it one small step at a time. If it's a book you want to write, just write one page a day and before you know it you will have written your book!"

So that is exactly what I started doing, writing one page a day. Yes, there are some days that I skip, some times my creative side just doesn't want to work, or life gets in the way. But as long as I managed to do my best and take that one small step, I knew I could accomplish my goal in writing my book.


No matter what it is that you want out of life, taking that one small step can make a huge difference in your mindset. It can actually change your whole outlook on life. It can even start to relieve being overwhelmed at the task you want to accomplish, it can also relieve some of the stress in your life and even depression. Mindset is the next key element in taking that small step.

If you continue to take small steps for each goal in your life, you'll be surprised at how far you've come. Like when I started writing my book, before I knew it I had fifty pages done. I thought, "Wow, what an accomplishment, my goal is getting closer by taking one small step at a time, or in this case, one page at a time.

Taking small steps at a time is a good way to approach the problems in your life too. Before you know it most of your problems will be gone, or they really were not any thing to worry about in the first place. You'll also notice that your life becomes better, you'll have a more positive outlook on your life and your mindset is now in the place where the things you want are achievable.

There are many things you can do to start taking those small steps to get what you really want out of life.

One: Before going to bed, write down a list of things you want to accomplish the next day. Now when you wake up, just dig in and start doing those things. Don't let the phone distract you or your email, just accomplish your daily goals and enjoy the rest of the day. You earned it!

Two: Get up and start moving. Set you internal clock to get up at a certain time. Don't just lay there thinking about what you have to do today, get up and do it. The faster you start the sooner you will accomplish what you set out to do.

Three: Stand Tall, Have Posture. Your probably thinking, "What the heck does my posture have to do with anything?" Believe it or not, your posture has to do with everything. When you're sitting at your computer, sit up straight. When your walking around, stand tall. At the same time, put a smile on your face, you'll soon notice a big difference in how you feel all day, and how much more you wind up getting done.

Four: Visualize. This is the biggest one of all if you really want to get everything out of life that you know you deserve. You have to visualize the end. Visualize everything that you wrote down as your goals and visualize them already being accomplished. This is going to make you feel on top of the world. You'll be strutting around with a big ole smile on your face knowing YOU did it!

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