Action Karnataka: After Chiru, it's Kiran's turn!

Apr 30 ,2013 10:31 AM
Action Karnataka: After Chiru, it's Kiran's turn!

After Chiranjeevi, now chief minister Kiran Kumar Reddy is also plunging into election campaign action. Yes, our chief minister Kiran will take part in poll campaign in and around Bengaluru today and tomorrow. Notably, Kiran Kumar taking part in election campaign cannot be compared to the election campaign by Chiranjeevi, said observers.

They were of the opinion that people recognize Chiranjeevi since he was a megastar and that's the reason why it would help the party if he takes part in campaign. But if Kiran takes part in election campaign, it might be beneficial to the party to some extent but not completely, added observers. Imagine if Karnataka chief minister comes to Andhra Pradesh and campaigns for BJP? How will it be, questioned the observers. They even mentioned it would have been better had Kiran Kumar taken care of state activities.

(AW Phani)

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