Seetha Katha continues....Anjali now in marriage row

Apr 27 ,2013 15:02 PM
Seetha Katha continues....Anjali now in marriage row

At a point of time when people though Seetha katha came to a happy conclusion, the accused villain in this story has come before media reminding that end titles are yet to scroll. Wonder which Seetha katha we are talking about? Well, it's our Tollywood actress Anjali and her missing episode. Yes, the episode apparently curtained after missing Anjali appeared before the media and stated that she was taking a break from the busy schedule and was not missing actually.

Issues apparently looked like they were settled. But now, the one who introduced Anjali to Tamil film industry Kalanjiyam (whom Anjali accused of torture), alleged that Anjali married a producer in the missing period. Also, he complained against her that she was not attending the remaining part of the shooting of his film where she plays female lead. Let us keep our fingers crossed to know if these allegations have some merit or just baseless.

(AW Phani)

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