STD more dangerous than AIDS?

May 07, 2013 18:03
STD more dangerous than AIDS?

If you thought the worst fear of having unprotected sex with multiple partners would be AIDS, that could have been a couple of years ago. A relatively new bacteria that is capable of much more harm and faster death than HIV has been discovered two years ago. Worst fears have come true when it was discovered that this strain of bacteria, the scientists refer to as 'superbug' is resistant to all kinds of antibiotics.

This means that it could be more fatal than AIDS as we know today. This sexually-transmitted disease gonorrhoea, involving the specific bacteria HO41 strain, has no cure nor a controlling measure now. Originating in Japan two years ago, the disease has spread to Norway and also some parts of California. Expert warnings suggest that the victims could be in an AIDS like state if not more.

However, some others deem it to be much more potent since it is more aggressive and is communicable to others at a much rapid rate than AIDS.

AIDS has only 30 million related deaths after several years of it in being in the world. Gonorrhoea could be much worse considering its quick transmission. It can cause sepic shock and kill people within days.

If this is like the other superbugs if not more potent, every one in 20 affected will be killed within a matter of days. As of now there have been no HO41 related deaths, but the US agencies have been trying to get funds to perform more researches on the strains.

(AW- Anil)

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