Prabhas body is not as large as his enemy

Aug 14 ,2013 10:59 AM
Prabhas body is not as large as his enemy

We know that Prabhas has built his body to huge proportions and grown his hair and beard to look like a warrior. All this is for the magnum opus Bahubali, being directed by Rajamouli. But, the hero's villain is larger than him.

How would the hero overcome an enemy as large as Nikitin? The tall and imposing Nikitin was last seen as Shah Rukh's rival for Deepika's attention in Chennai Express. He was also seen in Jodha Akbar and is no stranger to period dramas.

Bahubali will have a huge Prabhas and a huger Nikitin going at each other's throats. It will be something of a treat to watch the hero vanquish the indestructible villain.

All eyes are on Bahubali, which has generated considerable buzz as the costliest in Tollywood.

(AW: Sruthi)

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