Bahubali makers speak out

Jul 13 ,2013 12:21 PM
Bahubali makers speak out

Young and dashing hero Prabahs is currently shooting for 'Bahubali' in Kurnool. The media has meanwhile got away with their imagination about who the villain of the film would be. It was said that Troy actor Nathan Jones might be fighting with Prabhas for the action sequences in the period drama.

The crew at Bahubali Kurnool location has finally revealed that there is no truth to those rumors. Prabhas and Rana are shooting for the sequences at the location, quite enjoying the huge public turnout as well as the local food. In this Telugu period drama, there is no place for foreign actors.

Bahubali makers requested the media not to invent stories that have no truth to them. They also reached out to the audiences, saying that only official statements from the production house or Director must be believed.

With Rajamouli directing this large than life film, Bahubali is a multi-lingual project with a huge budget of Rs100 crores.

(AW: Sruthi)

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