Potugadu Movie Teaser Released

Jun 17 ,2013 11:44 AM
Potugadu Movie Teaser Released

The first teaser of 'Potugadu' is released on Sunday at Prasad Labs.  

The movie is a remake of Kannada hit 'Govindaya Namaha' in which Manchu Manoj is playing the lead role.  The teaser is released in the presence of Manchu Lakhsmi, Manchu Vishnu, film Director Lingu swamy, Maruti, Prabhakara Reddy and others.

Four heroines are acting with the hero Manoj in 'Potugadu'.  Pavan is directing the flick and produced by Sirisha and Sridhar under the banner of Ramalakshmi Cine Creations.   The heroines are, Sakshi Chowdhery, Simran Mundi and Nathalia Kaur.

Potugadu is said to be the highest budgeted and a different movie for Manchu Manoj.

Music is scored by Chakri.  The unit is making efforts for the release of the movie by the end of this month.

Watch the teaser here.


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