Swamy Ra Ra Paid Sudheer

Jun 13 ,2013 17:30 PM
Swamy Ra Ra Paid Sudheer

The director of the movie Swamy Ra Ra- Sudheer Varma after proving his abilities by his debut film bagged a big deal as he predicted at the time of hitting success of the film.  He said at that time that his next movie would be directing a big hero.

It is none other than Junior NTR that made Sudheer's second venture a bigger one than the low budgeted Swamy Ra Ra.  As per the information received from reliable sources but not announced officialy, NTR who was impressed with Sudheer’s work in Swamy Ra Ra, also got impressed with Sudheer’s concept for his next movie Okayed it and asked him to come back with a developed story and script.

Sudheer is given ample of time also as NTR at present is busy with ‘Ramayya Vastavayya’ shooting and later he has a commitment for ‘Rabasa’ in the direction of Santosh Srinivas.  That means safely Sudheer can have a time of 7 months from now.  The talk in filmnagar is that the flick will be produced by BVSN Prasad.


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