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Another Crusader Against Cancer

Jun 10 ,2013 18:37 PM
Another Crusader Against Cancer

Some time ago Angelina Jolie who wanted to fight with her breast cancer underwent preventive double mastectomy and boldly revealed it.  As her doctors found that she had 87% chances of getting breast and 50% of ovarian cancer that are sharply increasing too, Angelina opted for the surgery to prevent it.  

Samantha who stole the hearts of the youth with her debut film 'Yem Maya Chesave' with Naga Chaitanya and retained her status, was detected having cervical cancer for which she took vaccination to cure it.  

Now, Samantha wants to promote it and educate all about cervical cancer that is so fatal that it is taking lives of 80000 every year.  After taking the last dose of the vaccine for the cervical cancer she tweeted it to make everyone know about it and prevent becoming prey for the disease.

Usually actors and prominent people especially the ones in the show business try to hide their health problems as it may smear their image in the public.  But announcing it is a bold step and it also indicates their concern about fellow human beings on the globe.

Hurray Samantha,


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