Deepika's new look in 'Race - 2'...

Nov 15 ,2012 17:55 PM
Deepika's new look in 'Race - 2'...

Along with or even more than other star heroines, Long legged beauty, Deepika Padukone has got her own craze altogether... irrespective of the success or flop ratio of her films till date, this actress is always in news. Be it because of the people she is linked up with, her relationship status, or her roles in the films, with which she experiments for each and every film.

Right from her debut film 'Om Shaanti Om' till her latest success 'Cocktail', deepika experimented with her look and role in each film... she has done some boldest roles ever.

Now, in the trailers of the to be released 'Race - 2' in which Deepika is playing a lead opposite Saif Ali Khan, we can see the actress being her bold self as usual or even more, experimenting with a new fashion hairstyle, clothes and overall look and becoming a bit skinny rather than continuing appearing with her lean figure.

Well, on the other hand, it is rumored that Saif's begum kareena is quiet upset with the sizzling on screen chemistry of Saif Ali khan and Deepika Padukone.

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