Balayya slaps fan, makes amends by posing for photograph

Feb 27 ,2012 15:42 PM
Balayya slaps fan, makes amends by posing for photograph

Actor Balakrishna, known for his short temperament at public gatherings and events, made quick amends to save his image and cover up his faux pas by posing for a photograph with one of his fans after intentionally slapping him earlier for following him.

The incident occurred Friday last at Seetha Ramachandra Swamy temple at Bhadrachalam when the actor visited the temple along with the ‘Sree Rama Rajyam’ producer Yalamanchili Saibabu and others to offer special pujas on the occasion of the film’s success.

Balakrishna found one of the fans Mr Guntupalli Ramakrishna curiously following and accosting him around the temple maintaining close proximity. Irked at being followed closely, the actor asked him to keep off but the holy fan persisted in his movements surrounding Balakrishna wherever he went.

An angered Balakrishna immediately slapped him but, quickly realizing his mistake, posed for a photograph with him in order to please him. TDP leaders, accompanying the actor, later told journalists that the actor didn’t slap the fan intentionally.

Mr Ramakrishna also said he had completely forgotten the incident and was rather happy he posed for a photograph with Balakrishna himself. (JUBS)

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