3 days away for Ishk

Feb 21 ,2012 16:55 PM
3 days away for Ishk

Nitin’s Ishk is going to be released on 24th which is only 3 days from today. The young actor is yet to mark his stardom in the industry in spite of his long association and persistence for which he has been making every effort that is possible. He tried will all most all top heroines but could not make it although he has a good physique and dance talent and acted in love and action movies for which trend is on in the industry to strike pay dirt in the box office.

This time he is trying his luck with successful heroine Nitya Menon. The title Ishk means love in Hindi is chosen as the titles with Hindi meaning like Dil, Sai brought luck to Nitin. We have to wait and see if Nitin makes a mark as a young hero this time as he is no long getting younger. (SJ)

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