Sexy heroine's open demand for Rs.1 crore!

Mar 22 ,2012 00:23 AM
Sexy heroine's open demand for Rs.1 crore!

Now a days with increasing demand of the hot actresses, certainly they are raising their remuneration.Since it has become very common in the film industry.So now the most recent news is that theres one actress who acted as a heroine in Naga Chaitanya's 'Bejawada', none other than Amala Paul is now openly demanding one crore as remuneration at this momemt.

Well as per the sources this hot actress is demanding one crore to sizzle as second fiddle in Mega power star's forthcoming movie.Currently I'm not getting such remuneration but may be in a year i may reach over there', mentioned Amala Paul declining the news.

So in order to reach one crore remuneration for heroines, undoubtedly they have to shower lot of enthusiasm on screen and they have to draw attention of thousands of crowds with their attractiveness.So certainly Amala Paul should ask her forerunners like Trisha,Tamanna and Ileana regarding this.

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