Aswini Dutt requested chiru for bail

Aug 18 ,2011 18:59 PM

ChiruAshwiniDuttOne of the star producer in the tollywood given most super duper hits like ‘Indra’ is presently in a very bad position after carrying the losses of ‘Shakti’. Although He has 100s of acres land asset and intelligent film maker and never believes in producing films selling or mortgaging the properties.  Ashwini Dutt decided one thing to get out of financial crunch is to deliver a super hit those like in his earlier times done with ‘JVAS’ or ‘Indra’.

Ashwini Dutt requested chiranjeevi to bail him out of this financial situations. He is known to have finalized three to four mind blowing scripts particularly suitable for  Ramcharan. Chiranjeevi needs to give an assent for any one. What Aswini wants is strong word from chiru on call sheets of cherry.  Mega sources say that Mega Star is determined to make cherry act on vyjayanthi banner but only after completion of ‘Racha.’

Let us wait and see……… how the future goes.  All the best for this great Producer.

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