An Actor who thinks beyond films

May 23 ,2011 10:46 AM
Style Star Allu Arjun
Stylish Star Allu Arjun, who is famous for experimenting with his looks from one film to another, is back with his Six Pack look in his upcoming film ‘Badri Nath’. When asked about how he maintains Six Packs, Bunny replied;”it is very difficult to maintain a Six pack look. I don’t continuously maintain it. It is for ‘Deshamuduru’ I had to work for a Six pack body. After that I maintained regular fitness. Now again in ‘Badri Nath’, since my character demands a fit body, I transformed back into the look again. It is challenging when you project yourself as per the character. However, maintaining a Six Pack body all the time is a bit tough task. You need to have a check on what amount of water you are drinking. Yes, it is not impossible.”  
It is good to see that young Actors today are looking beyond acting, and making Telugu Cinema feel proud. 
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