Vidya Balan to pose full nude for Hussain!

Feb 10 ,2011 18:13 PM

Hold your breath before you read this! Sensuous actress Vidya Balan, who is acting in the movie ‘The dirty picture’ being made with the real and reel life story of the once south Indian Vidya Balan, nude portrait, FM Hussain, nude pose sex queen Silk Smitha, is getting ready to pose complete nude for the celebrated nonagenarian painter MF Hussain to let him draw her nude portrait.

Believe it or not, Hussain, known for his fascinating paintings of celebrities like Anushka Sharma and Madhuri Dixit, has overtly expressed his desire to sketch Vidya Balan’s nude painting and accordingly sent a proposal for her. “I have never seen a stunning beauty like you and I want to sketch your nude portrait with your permission,” he reportedly said in his proposal.

Unsure of his proposal being accepted, Hussain in fact forgot the issue when suddenly it seemed like the heavens were falling for him. He got a sweet confirmation from Vidya Balan that she had accepted his proposal and promised to spare time after the completion of the movie ‘The Dirty Picture’ to pose nude in front of him.

She reportedly assured him that she would pose nude in as many forms as he wanted to sketch her nude mass and be prepared to catch her beauties as they are from a close range. “I also request you to spare time soon after completing my present movie for this project,” she reportedly said in her confirmation message to Hussain who is on cloud nine these days with her sweet acceptance.

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