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  • Sampath Nandi joins the 'star directors' band...

    Nov :07 |   barely two films old and right with his second film, 'Raccha' being declared a commercial success, making hero of the film, Ram Charan also very happy about this, director Sampath Nandi joins the band of other 'star directors' like Puri Jagannath, Se... [Read more...]

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  • ‘Raccha’… in ‘Raccha’ for wrong reasons…

    Mar :30 |   Could be a promotional stunt or a reality, not to comment about the same, but these days n number of films of all those ‘Big’ heroes are encountering in some or the other trouble, that too during the pre-release of the film. And now, ‘Raccha’... [Read more...]

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  • Hero Ram Charan injured in Rachcha shooting

    Mar :10 |   Tollywood hero Ram Charan Teja sustained slight injuries to one of his legs during the shooting of a song for his latest movie Rachcha at Annapurna Studios in Hyderabad today. He was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital and doctors have advised h... [Read more...]

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  • Like name, like success!

    Jan :03 |   Do you actually believe in numerology, fate, luck or the name game that works? If not in anything else, the same is much believed in our film industry. The release dates, the shooting mahurats, all the pujaas that would be done for the film to be a s... [Read more...]

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  • Mind-blowing action scenes in 'Racha'

    Oct :17 |   Mega Power Star Ram Charan’s Racha is said to have stunning action and stunt scenes that would be one of the highlights of the film. Allan Amin, who earlier choreographed action scenes in Dhoom, Race et al is zeroed in as action choreographer for... [Read more...]

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  • Gang Leader song in Charan’s Racha

    Oct :04 |   Mega Power Star Ram Charan Teja is currently busy with the shoot of his next project Racha, which is taking place in a specially erected set in Hyderabad. The inside buzz is that Ram Charan is keen on dancing for a remix version of super hit number o... [Read more...]

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  • Cherry, from Hyderabad to China!

    Aug :23 |   No, this definitely does not mean that Mega Power Star Ram Charan Tej, who is soon going to put an end to his bachelor life, getting married to his long time girl friend Upasana, has shifted his Home to China. I am talking about the shooting progress... [Read more...]

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