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  • Why TRS not interested in Liberation day?

    Sep :17 |   September 17th is a historic day for Telangana as it got independence from the ruthless rule of Nizam king. But this day was never ever celebrated in united Andhra Pradesh and it would continue the same even after the bifurcation. Well the reason bei... [Read more...]

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  • Congress to rope T JAC leaders

    Apr :05 |   With TRS party declaring candidates and no alliance, the Congress party swung into action and sought Telangana Joint Action Committee's [TJAC] support to the Congress in the general elections. Reportedly the Congress high command has roped former PCC... [Read more...]

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  • How Telangana Traitors Get Purified When They Join TRS?

    Mar :29 |   In the steering committee meeting held on Friday by the Telangna JAC presided by its Chairman Prof. Kodandaram, the JAC leaders questioned the political party Telangana Rashtra Samiti’s accepting Congress leaders into the party and giving them part... [Read more...]

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  • Maha Dharna on January 7- Kodanda Ram

    Dec :31 |   The TJAC Chairman Kodandaram said that the Telangana people want a Hyderabad without conditions. Kodandaram said that the permission is applied for and expecting soon from the police department for conduction the Maha Dharna on January 7. He said th... [Read more...]

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  • Nobody Happy With T Bill Except Makers

    Dec :25 |   The Telangana Bill made by the Center with a stubborn stand in spite of the pressures from outside and from within the party is not making anybody happy except the makers of the bill. The bill called AP State reorganization Bill 2013 is not fulfillin... [Read more...]

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  • TRS Ready To Fight For Telangana Again

    Dec :25 |   The TRS party President K Chandrasekhara Rao said that he is ready to fight again for the Telangana State as people of Telangana want. A meeting was held by Telangana Group 1 Association under the chairmanship of Mamindla Chandrasekhara Gowd on Tu... [Read more...]

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  • Kodandaram Puts Bill Passing Onus On Congress

    Dec :24 |   Telangana JAC Chairman Prof. Kodandaram said at a meeting held at Yadagirigutta that the responsibility of passing the Telangana Bill in the Assembly of the State lies with the Congress party.  He said that if a voting is conducted, the Congress... [Read more...]

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  • Bandh Support From TJAC, BJP, CPI

    Dec :04 |   The bandh call given by TRS for tomorrow in the wake of the Government's plan to make a Bill for Rayala Telangana has received support from Professor Kodandaram for the Telangana JAC, from Kishan Reddy for BJP and from Narayana for CPI. Kishan Reddy... [Read more...]

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  • Will Jagan Achieve Like KCR Did?

    Oct :26 |   The Telugu Desam Party President has been telling that TRS and YSRCP are only branches of the Congress party. If that is the case, YSRCP should not have any problem with his counterpart in Telangana in conducting a public meeting at Hyderabad that is... [Read more...]

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  • Hyderabad police in Telangana - Center tug o' war

    Aug :21 |   If the Telangana politicians have their way, Hyderabad and its police would be under the control of the new state. However, the Centre has decided to keep the Hyderabad police under its control, provoking TJAC, TRS and MIM leaders to vent out their o... [Read more...]

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