Home Minister Shinde In Rajjo Audio Function Flayed

Oct 28 ,2013 16:16 PM
Home Minister Shinde In Rajjo Audio Function Flayed

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivaraj Singh Chauhan criticized the Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde's spending in the film functions when a serial bomb blast took place in Bihar and victims are hospitalized.  He says that it is the height of irresponsibility of the Home Minister.  Shivaraj Singh tweeted about his displeasure for the Shinde’s presence in the music function when Patna is shaking in fear due to bomb blasts.

The Director of the film “Rajjo” Viswas Patil is a close associate of Shinde belonging to the same village from where Shinde hails.  Shinde attended the audio function in the evening on Sunday on the request of Viswas Patil.  The snaps of Shinde with the heroine after releasing the audio CD made the BJP leaders furious as the blasts happened targeting the BJP’s “Hoonkar Sabha” at Patna.

Six bombs exploded in and outside of the Gandhi Maidan in which Narendra Modi held the public meeting.  One exploded at railway station at the time of BJP supporters arrived in 18 special trains and 2 bombs were defused.  One more bomb that failed to blast was found after the meeting was over.

But Shinde says that he is not ignoring his duties.  He has been getting reports time to time and acting on it.  


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