Man experiences 2-yr painful erection after BMW ride, moves court

May 01 ,2012 11:52 AM
Man experiences 2-yr painful erection after BMW ride, moves court

A person in California has knocked the doors of California Superior Court to sue BMW company after he experienced potentially painful condition, Priapism (a condition that leaves men or women’s sexual organs erected for hours together without any sexual urge). It may be mentioned here that this medical condition, which will be very painful, will lead to permanent erectile dysfunction if not treated timely.

Henry Wolf, the owner of 1993 model BMW motor cycle was the person who approached the court for the compensation. He has said he had undergone mental distress, hurt his pockets and even lost his wages due to a four hour ride on ridge like seat.

The plaintiff, in his petition, has stated that he was riding BMW bike four hours in 2010 that resulted in a two-year erection. He has also alleged that the entire episode kept him away from the sexual activity.

The petition also states that each defendant is liable of paying the price for negligent design of the seat. It also states that the plaintiff cannot indulge in any sexual activity. (Phani)

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