Julia Roberts likely to purchase a house in India

Apr 26 ,2012 14:38 PM
Julia Roberts likely to purchase a house in India

Hollywood actress and Oscar award winner, Julia Roberts love for India and spirituality has presumably made the actress search for a house in India. The 44-year-old actress who converted to Hinduism after working in the film - Eat, Pray and Love - is now looking for purchasing a house in India. She has revealed the same during an interview. The pretty actress has said that she would purchase a house in Varanasi (holy city of India) or Haridwar.

The actress said that she wants to settle down in India as see wants to grow up one of her daughters in India. But, she said she can’t decide on anything given the line of work. She has even said that she would definitely tell her kids about India and its culture.

The Hollywood actress even showed her interest in Bollywood. She said she doesn’t know much about Bollywood and Hindi but she doesn’t mind giving it a try, she added. Julia Roberts has also said that she knew a few words in Hindu such as Namaste.

Earlier, Julia Roberts said that she believed in reincarnation and she wanted to be a calm and supporting in her next birth as she feels she was spoiled by friends and family.

If Julia Roberts purchases a house in India, then it can be taken for granted that she would surely come down and settle in India for sure at any point of her life. (Phani)

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