Sonia in London?

Apr 20 ,2012 17:27 PM
Sonia in London?

The AICC sources said that the AICC president Sonia Gandhi has apparently left  for London two days ago-in a chartered flight-to undergo some special tests and diagnosis for Cancer. The sources even confirmed that the doctor-who had been curing Sonia for the past one year-also accompanied Sonia Gandhi to London.

The sources, however, were reluctant to state in which hospital Sonia Gandhi was admitted to. We also have credible information that one of the close relatives of her also accompanied.  Also, another two close relatives of Sonia Gandhi were reportedly taking care of her at the hospital.

Sonia Gandhi is reportedly going to return India after the tests are completed. It may be recalled that Sonia Gandhi left for US a couple of months ago to take treatment for Cancer. Even that time too, there was no special announcement from the party as such.

People in several parts of the country including Hyderabad were expecting speedy recovery of Sonia Gandhi when she was admitted to hospital. In fact, sea of people including youths were offering prayers at temple in Hyderabad for her well being then. (Phani)

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