Lunar eclipse will occur on Dec 21

Dec 19 ,2010 13:57 PM

A complete Lunar eclipse will form on December 21, according to B M Birla Science Centre Director B G lunar eclipse, eclipse, bsc, birla science centre, Bg sidharthSidharth.

Mr Sidharth, however, said the eclipse would not be visible in India because it would take place during the day when the moon would not be in the sky.

The eclipse would start at 12:02 hrs, shortly after the noon and end at 15:32 hrs.
He said December 21 was also the Winter Solstice Day, the shortest day of the year but the longest night.

From the day on wards, the length of the day would start increasing slowly and the sun begin climbing up along its northern path, Mr Sidharth said, adding this was called Uttarayana in India which was related to Vaikuntha Ekadashi.

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