Japan crossed 24,000 in death or missing

Mar 23 ,2011 13:21 PM

JapanDisasterThe death toll of earthquake-tsunami hit Japan crossed 24,000 many people confirmed dead or listed as missing. Wednesday after completion of 12 days Police confirmed this figure.

The National Police Agency confirmed the numbers of death and missing as on the Wednesday said 9,408 people had been dead and 14,716 are officially missing, total 24,124 as the result of march11 catastrophe.

There are some people who are seriously injured about 2,746. The quake played game with Japan to become deadliest disaster once again. It killed more than 142,000 people since 1923 Great Lamp Earthquake.

The government evacuated lack of people who are nearer to the nuclear power plant. People have taken shelter in evacuation facilities.  But, citizens fearing from the nuclear explosion which is flattened entire regions along the Pacific coast of northern Honshu Island.

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