Construction work for Hyd Metro Rail starts

Apr 26 ,2012 18:39 PM
Construction work for Hyd Metro Rail starts

The laying of foundation for the Hyderabad Metro Rail Project took place this morning in the city. The Uppal depot general secretary Pankaj Dwivedi has performed the rituals and started off the works. The laying of foundation was a low-profile event.

Later rituals were done at near Survey of India-pillar number 19 and 3rd pillar at Cash and Carry stores in Uppal. The officials have said that the works will go on in full swing from Friday.

It may be noted that the state government has proposed to bring in metro rail in Hyderabad to connect the corners of city in order to put an end to traffic blues besides to bring smiles on the faces of many people who travels hours together in the busy traffic from one end of the city to the other end.

Once come into existence, metrol rail system will change the look of the city and traffic will move at a fast pace. But, it is not know as to how much time will it take for the project to come into final shape. People in the city are eagerly awaiting for metro rail. Let us hope that the project will be completed in another two years. (Phani)

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