Six weird facial treatments

October 30, 2012 14:45
Six weird facial treatments

We have all seen celebrities go to extreme distances to maintain physique, subtract a few wrinkles from their aging skin or add a few layers of glowing beauty. We present to you the world's weirdest facial treatments that celebs are known to use. Do try them if you don't mind the disgusting ingredients dancing on your skin for an hour or two.

Human Placental extracts: Though the mere sound of the word can twinge your guts, there are actresses like Eva Longoria who regularly use the night creams made from materials similar to human placental extracts sold by EMK under the name placental night cream which is worth Rs 7,600.

Does it work? Given the rich protein content enriched by anti-oxidants we see no reason why it should fail to rejuvenate the glow of your skin.


Snake Venom
Sounds like Cleopatra? Hollywood's own Cleopatra, Gwyneth Paltrow's has great lustrous skin which looks like it hasn't aged a bit but this is all thanks to the synthetic snake venom cream called SYN-AKE (MRP Rs 2,200) which causes spasm of the facial muscles and hence reduces the creases and wrinkes in the muscles for the Anti-aging effect. Debra Messing and Katie Holmes have also been using similar products for tightening their facial skin.


Bee Venom
Kate Middleton, the Duchess looks extremely beautiful with her radiant skin and this is not entirely her innate hormones doing the job. She uses Heaven's Bee Venom Masks which hold real bee sting venom of the Manuka bees. This venom has been clinically proven to be nature's own botox treatment. Each mask is Rs 6,500; pennies for the Duchess.


Snake Serum
Catwoman, Anne Hathaway found a work around for not using Botox. Regularly using Rodial's Glamoxy Snake Serum (Rs.11,200) which is very similar to a poisonous snake bite contracting the muscles gives an anti-aging effect.


Earthworm droppings

Earthworms castings can be a facial cream too? A few celebs would vouch for it. Earthworm excrement apparently has the capacity to reduce wrinkles apart from being a great cure for skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema. Sold under the name Wrinkle Butter by Fresh Beauty, FB has not revealed the names of their customers but it is know that there are over a dozen celebs buying their excrement, err, their earthworm-excrement-based product.


The Bird Poop Facial
We have done an exclusive article on the bird poop facial and seems like it has become quite popular among the celebs too. ( Geisha facial, or the bird poop facial, originally used centuries ago by the Japanese beauticians is now a special facial treatment available at the crème de la crème of the spas at a premium price. It contains a perfect blend of rice bran, Nightingale excrement and water. What do you think is the secret behind The Beckhams beauty?


(AW- Anil)

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