Chinese woman gets life's abrupt shock after 200 surgeries

March 13, 2012 03:17
Chinese woman gets life's abrupt shock after 200 surgeries

A Chinese woman started under going for plastic surgery when she was at the age of 16.At present she is 20 years-old and has spent around $800,000 on more than 200 surgeries.So subsequently 200 surgeries she got a abrupt shock that she cannot go through any more prcedures.

As the woman recognized as 'Pink Baby' who hails from Nanjing, China has initially beginned with an operation for double eyelids with buried sutures in a beauty salon.

As the woman was supported by her rich parents who paid for her surgeries, she even lived in South Korea for a year to get surgeries.

However, all the procedures did not bring her beauty, but only constant pain and lifetime scars. Doctors from the Friendship Hospital in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, also found out on Thursday March 8 that it will take up to three years to cure her.

"Her breasts and bones of her heels are eroded with beauty materials," said a doctor. "It's impossible to recover the eroded bones of her heel, which now makes it hard for her to walk," the doctor added.

A tumour of about three centimetres long was also found in Pink Baby's left breast.

"Barely legal (or not even legal), this girl starts going for plastic surgery.

"She believed in beauty salons and never went to hospitals for her surgeries.

"What were her parents thinking to allow her to do so and they didn't advise her?

At present the chinese woman is 20 years-old, but her body seems to be deteriorated, as the doctors said it will take ages to cure her.

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