Coimbatore Zoo arranging facial surgery for crocodile

January 27, 2012 02:28
Coimbatore Zoo arranging facial surgery for crocodile

As it looks so strange to hear, But its a fact in Coimbatore zoo a few years before a male crocodile that had affected a major facial injury,so in the next few days the crocodile will go through a facial rebuilding surgery.

VOC zoo director K. Ashokan said, Over two years back when these male crocodile had a combat with other crocodile in that combat male crocodile nearly destroyed as 50 per cent lower jaw had been bitten off.On account of that the crocodile could not chew or eat correctly. 

The injured croc can now eat only one fourth of the food that is required to keep it healthy, resulting in massive weight loss. “Moreover the crocodile also refuses to mingle with other crocodiles due to the facial damage,” he said.

The mugger breed of crocodile from Amaravathi river in Tirupur district has been with the zoo since 1987. “We have taken expert opinion from a Hong Kong-based International Crocodile Specialist Group on the procedures involved in performing facial surgery for the crocodile,” he said.

The zoo vets have also consulted Coimbatore Surgical Ltd to execute the surgery successfully. “Steel plates will be fitted in place of the missing part of the lower jaw and will be screwed on. The outer surface will then be surfaced with its own skin removed from elsewhere on its body, so that the animal resumes its natural look,” Mr Ashokan said.

To ensure that the wound heals quickly post-surgery, the crocodile will be kept separated from others and in very clean water. VOC Zoological Park, which attracts many visitors, has 13 crocodiles.

Mr Ashokan said particularly a few weeks after, The zoo vets had operated on a cobra and taken out its cancer cells.Now the snake is doing healthy.

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