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Katrina in Dhoom 3 | Katrina Kaif | Sheela Ki Jawani | Yash Raj | Aamir Khan | Andhrawishesh.com

Katrina in Dhoom 3

Apr 12 ,2012 15:37 PM
Katrina in Dhoom 3

Gorgeous actress Katrina Kaif, who only played glamorous and soft roles, is now going to entertain the audiences in a complete action movie that requires Kat to perform various stunts and other tough tasks. Katina Kaif is selected for the lead role-female in Dhoom-3 (sequel to Dhoom 2).  It is known that Dhoom series is known for actions and stunts as the story revolves around two notorious burglars and two cops who will be deputed to chase the burglars. Although the romance thing and songs will be part and parcel of the movie, major part of it requires equal participation of male and female actors in lead roles in stunts.

Katrina has never performed any stunts in the movie and to be frank she recently learnt how to dance well and entertained audiences with Sheela ki jawani song.  Since Kat has never performed such roles before, she will be given tough training for up to four hours at Yash Raj studios. This actress is said to be worried over the stunts and the training.  Reports indicate that a separate floor at these studios was booked exclusively for training session.
Aamir Khan is going to appear in a lead role-male and he will be playing a ballet dancer while Katrina Kaif’s role is yet to be announced.

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