Tsunami warning issued as earthquake rocks Japan

Mar 14 ,2012 16:54 PM
Tsunami warning issued as earthquake rocks Japan

Japan, which is yet to recover fully from the last year’s deadly earthquake and tsunami, was rocked by an earthquake of a 6.8 magnitude today.

There are no immediate reports of loss of life or property, officials said in Tokyo.

The Japanese Meteorological Agency immediately issued a tsunami threat and warned people that tsunami waves up to a height of 50 centimeter would hit the coast areas of Iwate and Aomori.

The epicenter of the quake was traced to a nearby area of Aomori prefecture at a depth of 10 km.

North-eastern parts of Japan were badly hit by a powerful earth quake of a 9.0 magnitude followed by a demonic tsunami on March 11, 2011 leaving more than 15,800 dead and nearly 3,300 missing. (J)

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