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  • Plastic bag problems!

    Plastic bag problems!

    May :10 |   Plastic bags from groceries etc are a major problem to the environment and also your automobiles. Driving a four-wheeler over a bag could lead to any of the numerous problems. The bag may Get sucked into the drive belts and… [ Read more ... ]

  • Junk free snacking!

    Junk free snacking!

    May :09 |   Imagine a Saturday night TV programme or a movie marathon at home. Instead of munching on fries and chips all through the movie which will significantly bulk you up bad with lots of fat and unhealthiness there are greener and… [ Read more ... ]

  • Windows 7 tips

    Windows 7 tips

    May :08 |   Microsoft Windows 7 has several handy tips and secrets built into the operating system. Minimizing the multiple opened windows is as easy as Windows+ D which works for whole line of Windows OS but Windows 7 has another special handy… [ Read more ... ]

  • Opening tight jars and bottles

    Opening tight jars and bottles

    May :07 |   Some bottles and jars have screw caps that require super human strength to open. Sometimes even superhuman strength doesn't work. All the screaming and grunting in the world will have no effect on the formidable opponent, "Tight-cap bottle". As the… [ Read more ... ]

  • Ant peeves?

    Ant peeves?

    May :06 |   Ants can be an annoying problem as many and they are hard to get rid of permanently without spraying chemical pesticides. This in turn might not be what many people prefer. A cheaper and a healthier solution to this lies… [ Read more ... ]

  • Smartphone games

    Smartphone games

    May :02 |   Are you one of those people pestered by ads in the game during a level up or right in the beginning and ending of everygame? Accidentally tap one of those ads and now you are worried about adware, malware etc?… [ Read more ... ]

  • Saying sorry

    Saying sorry

    May :01 |   While apologizing for your mistakes might show to others that you repent the mistake, there is a gross overusage of apologies in situations that you don't need to use the. Some of us are used to apologizing even when you… [ Read more ... ]

  • Excessive thirst while traveling?

    Excessive thirst while traveling?

    Apr :30 |   At times you may feel extremely thirsty during extended travel where you are bound to have a shortage of water which you need to use judiciously. For example consider trekking, hiking or biking, you need to have water too often… [ Read more ... ]

  • How to Cut a Mango?

    How to Cut a Mango?

    Apr :29 |   A variety of mangoes are in season right now. Mangoes are a sweet, tart and juicy fruit that range in size and shape. But how do you cut into this delicious fruit? Wash the mango. Do not peel the skin.… [ Read more ... ]

  • Forgetting GMail attachments?

    Forgetting GMail attachments?

    Apr :27 |   GMail has become the most common mode of exchanging e-mails and conveying information among different parties. However, there are some major problems associated with this that will cause you lots of embarrassment. Every now and then people forget adding the… [ Read more ... ]

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