Tip Of the Day

  • Nail clippers etiquette!

    Nail clippers etiquette!

    May :24 |   How often do you have to face the wrath of a stray fingernail that has been sliced by your nail clippers? The small bits of nail might fly at your face and even in to your eye sometimes. At other… [ Read more ... ]

  • How to deal with constant hiccups

    How to deal with constant hiccups

    May :23 |   Hiccups are caused by a spasm of your diaphragm. If you take a very deep breath, and continue to "sip" in air to continue to fill your lungs past the point you thought you could, you will work/stretch/contract your diaphragm… [ Read more ... ]

  • What to cook for a meal?

    What to cook for a meal?

    May :22 |   If you happen to be in a sticky situation when it comes to deciding what to cook for the meals, this tip is your pot of gold. Not always can your partner or your flatmate be of great help with… [ Read more ... ]

  • Social networking problems

    Social networking problems

    May :21 |   Don't post everything that's interesting in your life to social media with your identity, and you'll have a lot more to talk about with your friends. Since you have to share your happenings somewhere, direct interation with friends will build… [ Read more ... ]

  • Irritating Eye

    Irritating Eye

    May :20 |   There can be very few things that are more troubling than a speck of dust in your eye. Clearing it could be a double edged sword. You might get the dust out and harm your eye in the process. Flushing… [ Read more ... ]

  • Altenate funnel!

    Altenate funnel!

    May :18 |   If you are trying to change the oil on your bike or car, the toughest part would be trying to get it all in without spilling it around. Without a funnel, this could be a daunting task. In such cases… [ Read more ... ]

  • At the concerts!

    At the concerts!

    May :17 |   You are at this fantastic and loud concert that you are enjoying too much and your friend beside you want's to tell you something but you are clueless because you can't hear him no matter what, what is the best… [ Read more ... ]

  • Educational wallpapers!

    Educational wallpapers!

    May :16 |   Instead of having your favorite actress don your desktop as the wallpaper or some beautiful city embellishing the monitor you can try something different that will be of more use than mere decoration. If you are a student try and… [ Read more ... ]

  • Setting your goals!

    Setting your goals!

    May :15 |   You may have decided on a few long term or short term goals for whatever reasons and the first thing you do is brag about them to your friends. That is your first step to failure. Avoid telling your goals… [ Read more ... ]

  • Brushing teeth

    Brushing teeth

    May :14 |   Brushing your teeth at night directly after eating can damage your teeth. Instead, wash your mouth with water for a few seconds before brushing your teeth. The acids that stay in your mouth after you eat can damage your teeth.… [ Read more ... ]

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