Tip Of the Day

  • Drink to lose it

    Drink to lose it

    Jul :06 |   Lose the weight that is. A liter of water a day is an economical and easy way to lose a few. It was found that people who drink at least two cups of water a day before every meal lose… [ Read more ... ]

  • Stay safe in a crowd

    Stay safe in a crowd

    Jul :05 |   Traveling through a big city is not easy at most times. One is at risk of many mishaps like stealing and trouble with bad crowds. Note down a few tips to keep yourself safe when out. Avoid deserted areas, particularly… [ Read more ... ]

  • Little ways to save money goes a long way

    Little ways to save money goes a long way

    Jul :03 |   So you want to see your wallet less thin and more fat. But the cash refuses to stay in. How many times have we wondered at the lack of money in our pockets after stacking it just yesterday. Yes, it… [ Read more ... ]

  • Beauty sleep equals beautiful skin

    Beauty sleep equals beautiful skin

    Jul :02 |   Want to look beautiful? Then you must first feel beautiful. Before you ask how, feeling good is a direct result of feeling refreshed and this can be possible only through good sleep. Getting a good night's sleep is extremely important… [ Read more ... ]

  • Deal with negative feelings

    Deal with negative feelings

    Jun :27 |   Number of negative emotional feelings are related to fear at the same time all positive ones are related to love, thus, doubt, anger, envy, vengeance, shame and jealousy are a form of fear on the other hand, trust, compassion, joy,… [ Read more ... ]

  • Waiting for a bus

    Waiting for a bus

    Jun :21 |   It is very hard to wait for bus in bus stop. Waiting is a moderately mundane exercise. Many people pass the time by burying their faces in the newspaper, fiddling with their phones or watching the traffic as it drives… [ Read more ... ]

  • Manage yourself!

    Manage yourself!

    Jun :18 |   Manage your life, use the time in a right way. You will not get extra time, you have to plan things. Every one gets only 24 hours time every day, no one is capable to create new minutes. Successful people… [ Read more ... ]

  • Listen And Learn

    Listen And Learn

    Jun :15 |   Discuss responsibilities with co-worker and fulfill current job. Listen to your colleague, boss and superiors to learn a lot from their experience. Ask about problems that interest you and listen to what they say. Let them tell you about how things… [ Read more ... ]

  • Sleep well in summer nights!

    Sleep well in summer nights!

    Jun :13 |   We experience sleepless nights when the temperature insufferably elevates. Therefore if one would be keeping windows open for allowing fresh air to move across could be one way to get good sleep. Perhaps there are multiple ways one can adopt… [ Read more ... ]

  • Be Consistent

    Be Consistent

    Jun :12 |   A successful business needs focus, discipline and perseverance. Consistency is essential element to make money in business. Being consistent you have to keep doing the things necessary to be successful day in and day out. This can produce long positive… [ Read more ... ]

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