Tip Of the Day

  • Get over problems

    Get over problems

    Jan :08 |   The easiest way to get over a problem is to stop giving it undue attention. Avoid thinking and talking about the problem all the time. Doing this will make the problem seem larger than it actually is. Remember, your mind… [ Read more ... ]

  • Count your blessings

    Count your blessings

    Jan :07 |   Think about your blessings rather than your problems. Whenever you feel low and dejected count your blessings and you will feel upbeat soon. Happiness lies in seeing things in a positive light. Question yourself, if my neighbour is happy with… [ Read more ... ]

  • Life is not perfect

    Life is not perfect

    Jan :06 |   Perfection is a utopia. There is no such thing called a perfect life. No matter how hard you try there will always be days when everything goes wrong, there will be broken hearts no matter what you do. The truth… [ Read more ... ]

  • Be happy in little things of life

    Be happy in little things of life

    Jan :03 |   Happiness lies in savoring the little joys of life. Think of the little pleasures that happened in your life. A one liner humour of your friend may have caused you to roll in laughter or the low traffic in the… [ Read more ... ]

  • Find reasons to smile

    Find reasons to smile

    Jan :02 |   Life has endowed you with many things. Smile as often as possible, since your life is full of gifts from God. No doubt, there will be hundreds of reasons to cry, but life also gives you thousands of reasons to… [ Read more ... ]

  • Dress to please yourself

    Dress to please yourself

    Dec :19 |   The easiest and quickest way to make yourself happy and confident to to dress up. Wear your favorite outfit, or a dress that you know will turn heads. Wearing your favorite dress will boost up your self-confidence as you know… [ Read more ... ]

  • Value your time and talent

    Value your time and talent

    Dec :13 |   Time is the most precious thing in life. Every minute is valuable as you can do something worthwhile in those minutes that just ticked away. So learn to value your time. Your talent is also valuable. Do not waste it… [ Read more ... ]

  • Dream of Happiness

    Dream of Happiness

    Dec :12 |   What is life, if there are no dreams to achieve. Dreams make our life worth living. A life without dreams is not worth living. Age is no bar for dreaming, for there is no right or wrong time to pursue… [ Read more ... ]

  • Hydrate Yourself

    Hydrate Yourself

    Nov :28 |   Hydrate yourself by drinking at least one gallon of water daily. People who love soda or other aerated drink need to change their habits as these products are unhealthy. Drink water and feel the difference within 10 days. Water may… [ Read more ... ]

  • Ignore Nasty Comments

    Ignore Nasty Comments

    Nov :27 |   We all come across people who hurt us with their hurtful comments. You cannot change others, so the sensible thing to do is to ignore them. It's best to learn to remain unaffected by what people say. If you start… [ Read more ... ]

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